Hi everyone.
I'm looking for my first tube (and gigging) amp and around my city, these two are the best choices.

I've tried them both at low or at least medium volume and while i loved both cleans, i liked Rebel's overdrive more than tweaker's drive.
The Rebel 30 is more expensive than the Tweaker 40 and that is important too. (BOTH are combos, i'm not looking for a head)

What can you tell me about these two? I'm not expert in tube amps and Egnater is a new brand in Chile. Do you have any experience with any of them?
I play Jazz, blues, rock, fusion and metal but I'm not looking for hi-gain. I use a PRS SE Custom 24 as my main guitar.

Any advice or help will be appreciated.
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both are great amps. I've had my tweaker for a year now and have loved it. It's something you definitely will benefit from spending more time with for all it's options and sounds. I like the rebels too. They have a tiny bit more gain than a tweaker, but I prefer the tweaker's tone. It's all up to you and your preferences.

both will be high quality, long lasting amps that are built well. You may want to swap for better tubes though. My tweaker benefited immensely from them.
I have owned an Egnater Rebel 30 and it sounded wonderful and it was diverse as well. However a fuse blew in mine only a few short days after using it and when I took it back to guitar center (originally thinking it was a problem with the speaker cabinet) they were going to give me another Rebel 30 head, but it too blew right there on the sales floor so maybe they aren't very reliable....or I break everything I touch?
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I have a Rebel-30... for almost a year... no issues yet. I never use the drive channel... always the clean channel with my pedals. But I like the quality of tone, and the ability to shift between two tube types. I've only owned a few amps, and so my comparisons are limited, but for the money I think the Egnater amps are very good. Never tried the Tweaker.
Fret Dancer, depending on the fuse they blew, it was likely a bad tube. FYI we have a tube warranty on new amps, to cover just that sort of thing, since tubes get damaged in shipping occasionally. The Tweaker series will a little looser and more open sounding than the Rebel series though. Haha, now back to your discussion
I've heard that the Rebel has a nicer gain sweep, more even across the knob, up to slightly thicker than an Orange Dual Terror. But that's just my two cents.

The Tweaker, which i've tried, has a pretty nice clean channel for the price.
I'd be jealous, whichever one you pick.
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They're both surprisingly great amps for how little they get mentioned. The rebel 30 is my favorite of the two but they're both pretty cool.
I played the Rebel at guitar center and was surprised with how good it sounded. It seemed like a bit of a budget alternative to something like a Mesa. However, when I looked into it online, I discovered that there have been near universal technical problems with the amp experienced by many people. They loved the amp when it was working, but ran into a variety of problems in which they had to send the amp off to be fixed almost immediately. This lowered the review scores when it comes to reliability.
i would reccomend the tweaker over the rebel, for flexibility. they are both good(all egnaters pretty much are), but i would definitely say the tweaker series overall is stronger than the rebel. especially for flexibility, and they have more gain than the rebel series in my experience. personally id say egnaters cleans in general are some of the best ive heard (especially on the renegade even tho that is not in question), but the tweakers cleans i feel generally have more warmth and body, but as mentioned this is a very flexible amp so they can get a more crisp sound as well. it is very easy to get an awesome jazz sound.

tl;dr id recommend the tweaker, but youd most likely be happy with either, or any egnater really.
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