Hi Everyone,

Noob question - I played classical guitar as a kid, and learnt by just reading actual notes etc. .. and so decades later am now looking to get back into it (not as a kid being told he has to go to lessons by Mom n Dad, but for me

Only problem is that most music/popular sheets that I'm finding has mostly the tab on it/lines and numbers method, which is kind of confusing for me, as I'd prefer to just see the notes. . . is there a way to search for this? Or do I just sorta deal with what I see? I know I can train myself to read the tab, but I just kind of prefer to read the notes is all.
Guitar pro/powertab have the standard notion above the tab notation.

Grab tuxguitar if you dont have guitarpro, it's free
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^+1 You can also turn off the underneath tabs and just show the standard notes in Guitar Pro. Not sure about Powertab. But GP is definitely more than worth the investment.