This is my first post, and I really appreciate any and all input and guidance.

I currently have a Takamine C132S in pretty much mint condition, which I love and play a lot. I have the opportunity to buy an Enrqiuez Model 30 for about $500, which, other than the strings, is in very very nice condition; I would say 'mint,' but there is a very small (1/8 inch) ding on the top, down toward the binding. But that's *it.* I held it, played it, and looked it over for about 15 minutes.

Here's the problem... I'm having a really hard time finding out much about these guitars - there's almost zero online footprint, and no reviews, other than the website that distributes (GuitarMax.com, or something like that - and it's really not a great web page...).

This guitar is, according to the seller, whom I think I can trust, is 8 years old, and has been kept in its hard-shell case, which it fits into perfectly. - there's that great little 'swoosh' of air that comes up as it settles in. I sat and played with the guitar, and the seller is a professional musician, so that's another reason I'm comfortable that it's been well cared for. But, he's a jazz player, and has zero use for a classical guitar.

The guitar sounds very nice, even though the strings currently on it are really really old and you can tell they've been on there for a long time.

So at the end fo the day, is the Enriquez Model 30 a worthwhile purchase at $500? The little bit of documentation I can find says it's handmade in Spain and is all wood, with an ebony fretboard. From what I've ready, my Tak is also all wood (cedar top, rosewood back and sides) and definitely has a rosewood fretboard. And the Tak sounds great - I love it. I doubt I'll outgrow it any time soon. But... if $500 is a good deal for the Enriquez, I definitely can afford to pick it up.

So, can you tell I'm a little torn here? And if Enriquez guitars are good guitars, why can't I find any literature about Enrquez guitars anyplace? Are they just the best kept guitar secret in the free world? Help!!!

Thanks again, everyone!
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when in doubt, spit it out??? its an unknown entity to you. might only be worth 200 bucks. i'd wait, enjoy the tak until you find a worthy successor to it. i find very little on it. most 30's were made around 97-00. listed for about 1500 new. 20's, 25's and 70's have a crapload of info on them. doesn't look like a good guitar to play A7X on so, i probably wouldn't pick it up..... uncultured heathen that i am.
That should be an incredible deal for a model 30, I paid $1,100 brand new with the case in 2003 for a model 25.They are handmade in Spain incredible tone and quality my guitar has an ebony fretboard.They do have a website online.
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