Hey all. The G string on my strat is doing something weird for a while now. When I play it through an amp it does this annoying sort of flabby thing and the more I turn up any gain the more noticeable it gets. And then acoustically, when not plugged in, it sounds dead and dull. I have changed my neck recently, including the nut, so that's not the problem. And it does it on all three pickups so I'm assuming it's not a faulty pickup. I think it's probably something with the bridge but I have no real idea. Any thoughts from anyone would be epic. Thanks!!!
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i'm sorry man but the description you gave can mean a lot of things. can you make a video or recording? i'm sure you will have an answer in minutes when you do.
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i listened to the recording and i have no idea.

2 things came to my head but i'm just guessing, maybe it's your amp speaker struggling with that frequency range or you are pushing the string all the way into the wood of your fretboard (to much pressure or the frets are to low)

i hope you find an answer to your problem soon
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Na. I've been playing for like 9 years, i know it's not fret buzz (i know what that sounds like), and it does it on other amps. plus my other guitar sounds perfect through the same setup. definitely the guitar itself. Very strange... Thanks for the help so far guys!
The best thing you can do is get your guitar set up. Costs money i know, but if its a fixable problem, theyll find it.