Full (and horribly pretentious) title actually is 'Opposite to Yours (or How to Increase Entropy in a Closed System)', but it didn't fit so... yeah.

The song is very textured and a bit experimental, but I like it. The only thing that I don't entirely like is the beginning. I'll probably change it soon enough, but for now, it is what it is

You can listen to it on my profile

C4C as always, just leave a link!
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It's interesting really. Lots of fun things going on in this! It kinda has a vintage synth feel to it (which is really cool!) The sound is certainly original and versatile! Nice work!

I have a link in my sig to my profile but the UG player still has trouble playing for people (at least for me these days) so I'll link you to the YouTube vid of my latest track.

Interesting drums. I think there's too much distortion on the guitar (towards the beginning). I like the unusual synths. Good lead guitar playing. Guitar tone: I like the first lead guitar best. I like the song overall. I am familiar with entropy since I'm a mechanical engineer. I need to order a box of entropy soon. Please review my music at this link:

Drums sounded good , especially on the intro, i'm not really into prog but the opening guitar riff was sweet, and it meshed in well with the rest of the track. So basically what im trying to say is its probably not something i'd personally choose to listen to but musically its very well put together and quite well produced. And i agree with the guy above me about your lead playing.
You're using Superior for drums, yeah? Snare could do with some more compression and higher velocities. The sample doesn't sound particularly nice with velocities that low :/ The synths are definitely interesting as well as the progression in general. It'd be cool to have all the clean guitar at 2:50 run straight down the middle of the mix with a nice reverb on it to widen it up instead of the panning imo. Overall you have great dynamics and the progression is very refreshing, great job
In response to common words:

Thanks to all who said such nice things about my voice. I've been experimenting somewhat with what kind of sound I'm going for vocally so it seriously means more than I can even begin to say.

And yea the part at 2:50 is a little choppy, I think I'm going to scrap it . Not really sure what to put there in the meantime but I guess a little experimentation will help that.
Returning crit (sorry I was late)

Drum intro is nice, reminded me of some Cynic song for some reason.
The guitar tone is pretty bad,, try adding more bass and less distortion.
Part after that had a really trippy sound, also very cynic like, which means it's awesome. The overall sound was missing something though, wasn't really full for some reason, I would try to add some backing choir or maybe harmonized rhythm guitars.
Loved the lead guitar melody after that, simple but effective.
3:05, awesome synth and funky like rhythm, very creative.

Overall the song was pretty good, could improve though.