I just completed all the soldering on the seeing eye and ultra mod for the DS-1 and I seem to have ran into some problems somewhere along the way.

I plugged in a cable to test the signal and i am receiving only feedback through the pedal when its engaged and when it is not. There is absolutely no guitar signal getting through.

The indicator led is engaged when on, but the red led connected to the on/on switch in the ultra mod is not lit. The eye mod led seems to engage when I touch my finger to the back of the board around the 47pf capicitor 47 and d4 d5 pots.

This is my first mod so I have no idea where I went wrong and how I can pin point the problem and fix it.

Im curious if anyone who has completed this mod has any pointers or has experienced a similar problem. I'll get some pictures of the board up by later tonight for reference.

Thanks, Braden

P.S. i double checked all polar part positions
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well obviously something is loose/ not connected properly. Resolder the parts that are loose? Pics would help, usually they dont help that much, but if its something glaringly obvious then we can see.
Did you check the pedal after every couple of mods? If not, you've learned (unfortunately) the hard way that you should not do an entire mod without checking it. Doing so helps you better pin point where you went wrong.
I'm not familiar with the mod so I can't assist much. Check that all wires are good and make sure any polarized components are installed the right way. The general test method beyond this is to make an audio probe and follow the signal path. There should be instructions for that in the pedal building thread.
i was overlooking the board and i may have found my problem, i was a little sloppy with my soldering in the d4 -d5 region and its very possible that im running into other adjacent pots.

im considering removing everything out of d4-d5 cleaning excess solder, then testing with original diodes tonight, im at work but ill throw some pictures up of the board in its current (defective) state when i get home.

thanks for the help, what is an audio probe? and how would i follow the signal path. I have a multi meter if that helps, but im unsure of how to use it in this project.

thanks again
An audio probe is a 1/4 inch cable with on end cut off. The cut end then has a ground and a hot. The ground would generally have an alligator clip so you can attach it to a common ground and then the hot wire has a small capacitor on it that you use to "probe" the pedal.
Plug a guitar or, preferably, something that produces a constant signal into the pedal. Then you plug the 1/4 inch end of the probe into an amp. From there you follow the schematic and probe from component to component to see where the signal dies.
That was a brief description. You can probably google more detailed info.