Oops. Go through scales. thats what i do
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Hands on sides. Make sure you're singing from diaphragm and not from head. Exhale and make 'P (as in lower case p, not PEE) sound and see if your diaphragm expands. Sing scales up down rising by a semitone each time. Go to top of range. Second time, try doing 2 scales in one. Tongue twisters etc.

So many exercises as well if you look em look. Just make sure you're singing from the diaphragm.
I do simple exercises to warm up. I do a 1-2-3 scale using "Ah" ascending in semitones from low to mid high then go back down again. This just gets things going by getting bloodflow to the largyngeal area. Then I exercise my head voice doing descending octave arpeggios (8-5-3-1) on "Ooo" from mid high to high then low as I can to bring the head voice quality to the chest voice. Then a small break. Then I do 1-2-3 on "Ah" again from low to high. Another break. Then I do a 1-3-5-8-10-8-5-3-1 exercise from "Ah" to "Ooo" to get used to using the chest and head voice range in one arpeggio (still quite difficult for me).

Whilst doing all this I'm checking many things, like if I'm leaking too much breath, posture, emotional engagement, mental preparation, larynx function (if I'm being too lazy or tight with it), etc.