I own a Peavey JSX guitar head and was looking to get a footswitch for it. They have a specific footswitch for it but I was hoping that the footswitch for the 6505 was compatible as I can get it for a much lower price. Does anyone know if the 6505 switch will work on the JSX? Both are three channel amps.

Here are links to both the items:


What I'v found can happen in these situations is the foot switch will work, but the buttons may not match up. Like you say you have a clean channel and lead channel, and the foot switch has a clean switch and lead switch. The clean switch could turn on the lead channel and lead switch the clean channel.

Its up to you to decide whether you could sanely live with that.
If you can solder you could make a custom switch.

Well granted, it would be a little more complex than just a solder job, but it's not THAT hard if you have some technical skills.
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