some of you probably read this on Punknews, but Larry Livermore (co-founder) of Lookout! Records put together a comp of all his current favorite N American bands. He did it just for Billie Joe Armstrong's kid (read the Punknews article here, i think it's a bit dumb, but the record sounds cool)

bands include:

Dear Landlord
Lipstick Homicide
The Dopamines
House Boat
The Max Levine Ensemble
Emily's Army (Billie Joe's kid's band)
Weekend Dads
City Mouse
Mean Jeans
Be My Doppelganger
The Hextalls
Night Birds (new song: Mr. Monday)
The Copyrights
The Visitors

i'm guessing all the other bands are using new material too, not sure though.

and now for the part where i bitch (because i'm a negative nancy)
i've never heard of Emily's Army up til now, but i have reason to suspect they're not any good. i haven't listened to them yet, but i think i've got every right to be skeptical of Mr. Armstrong's kid's band who probably have everything handed to them. i mean really, his kid is 16 and just toured the east and west coasts.
This is pretty cool. Stoked for the new Night Birds and hopefully new Max Levine Ensemble. Emily's Army is kinda bad and Billie's son kinda sux at drums as far as drummers go, but, hey, he's only 16 and way better than me so idgaf.
I like most of those bands and will probably buy this when it comes out. Haven't listened to Emily's Army yet. I'll check 'em out right now.

EDIT: Meh , didn't love it, didn't hate it, I could do better, and Armstrong's kid wasn't bad at the drums, their lead guitarist however, ugh.
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All of the songs on this are original and recorded for this compilation specifically. Super stoked, and the artwork was done by the same guy who drew the cover for Dookie!
So, this is out now. There's some really cool songs on it, my favorite being the Dear Landlord track.
needa listen to that stream. i'm on the fence about actually buying it right now, but i do want the new Demon Haunted World shirt Night Birds are selling...

Night Birds.