Hey guys Thank you all for answering my question! i have another now and i was wondering what type of songs could you use the Electro-Harmonix
Big Muff PI USA for and what can you do with it?
-Thank You
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Either will work, 10 band has some advantages for obvious reasons. What other gear you runnin? You live by a guitar center or any local guitar shop by any chance?
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MXR 10, no contest.
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Damn - that head doesnt have an effects loop. That would be a great place for the 10 band.. I personally dont care for my EQ in front of the amp. Just personal taste tho. One thing i DONT like about the 10 band is its not 9volt so you have to run a special power supply to it but that shouldnt be a deal breaker. I can tell you this. The 10 band is THE best but the question you have to ask yourself is do you NEED the best.. (your a guitarist so of course you do) =) Any way you can try one out before you buy one? If not the best your gonna get is the 10 so if your dead set on an eq for that amp thad be your best bet. If you have a way to test them out then definately compare them yourself. For me the 10 band offerered ranges of frequencies a little higher and a little lower than i really needed so i saved the money and just got the 6 band from MXR which is an AWESOME eq too!