So, this may turn out to be a dumb question...

It dawned on me that while at the local guitar shop, there were several non switching amps that had 2 channels or multiple inputs. Does it negatively effect tone or amp operation to plug into both inputs and then say use an ABY to switch between them?

I assume something like an AC30 would be fine running that way. What about something like a Fender Delux Reverb/Twin or Bassman? Maybe plexi style?
I'm not sure about the others but I assume it would be similar to how some people do this with an AC30. Some people even like the blend they get from the two channels on the AC. It's worth a try though.
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You'll be fine, but the difference between the two inputs will not be as drastic as it would on a two-channel amp.
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Some amps may default to one input over the other, depending on what amp you're looking at. I know mine defaults to the low input if I plug into both high and low...
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It depends on the amp. On Marshall Plexi an ABY into both inputs works fantastic because each input has it's own triode. The high input is both triodes in parallel and when you plug in the low input it isolates the second triode from the high input making each input an isolated triode for each. So you can switch between one triode or two by going between A or B and Y.
You should get a similar effect on a Deluxe. It depends on the amp, on some it works well and on others not so much.
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Thanks! I've not ever had great luck with Marshalls, but this might open some doors for me!

Yeah, I've been doing the new amp run around for a while... looking for mostly 2 channel amps, not really the clean platform with od pedals (because amp overdrive kills a pedal any day!) and I plugged into a couple Fender's and that's kinda when the whole thing occurred to me.

On Fender...I'm a total noob to Bassmans (excluding the '59 ri) and Bandmasters (don't know jack!). I've heard the blond Bassmans ('64ish I think, with the presence control) are just about the holy grail of bassmans. Since they're not exactly something you'd find in a store just to try out, I'm interested in info on these. First, is there a thread about all this already? How much headroom do they have (heard they can get real dirty)? Can you jump for more gain at lower volumes? Are Bassmans in general a lot of upkeep/maintenance? I'm sure I'll come up with more questions and they'll wake me up at 4 am...