I am looking for help finding a new Floyd Rose guitar for christmas. I play mostly metal, and fusion/shreddy styles of music.

Budget? - under $1000

Favorite Artists? - Paul Gilbert, Joe satriani, Guthrie Govan, Dream Theater

I am looking for something that is similar to an RG, but with a bit more beef in the neck. Number of frets doesn't matter, but I would like to stay away from jumbo frets( I like 6105's.) I hate flashy colours and would like something that is just natural wood coloured.

Pickups? - h-h or hss style, must be passive

My dream guitar would be something like a Caparison Dellinger or a Jaden Rose. If only I had that kind of money


Any Help is greatly apreciated.
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Carvin kits are about $450, and their guitars in-stock start around $775. You may even be able to afford a custom one, depending on your preferences.


I'd also recommend a Jon Kammerer (a luthier near Chicago), most of whose standard electrics are just under $1000. I'd provide a link, but his site is down right now. You can find him on Facebook, though.


If you do an image search, you'll see a variety of his stuff, some crazy, some almost mundane. I've got 5- he can make them as wild or mild as you want.
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I was just about to suggest something in the Schecter department. I have a hellraiser myself, and I love it. You can't go wrong with the Blackjacks either. Great instruments.
i have been wanting a so-cal but haven't seen one at any shops yet.

+1 on wondering what the neck feels like.
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why don't you save up more if you can.. get something you really want.
if not, ESP-LTD 1000
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Charvel pro mod so-cal, used USA made or new Japan made. Both great instruments. Beefy enough neck, not a baseball bat tho.