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Skull Kandies !!!11!!1!1

Hopefully you have a Line 6 or MG with CRUSHING OVERDRIVE to make use of the kkoo super bass.
Sennheiser 558, for open headphones
Sennheiser 448, for closed

Closed is good because it isolates better. Open generally sounds more natural though.
dont spend too much on heapdhone ..

truth is i tried a lot of them and Cheap sony MDR 100-200 ( the 35 $ headphones ) work almost better than the seenheiser hd505 i had .

for guitar purpose .. the set of heapdhones wont matter much .

**when it come to heapdhones playing its all in the quality of the CAB SIM /speaker simulation of the amp .

if the company took time to built a good speaker simulation for headphones .. then youre fine .. and thats very rare !!!

roland microcube , peavey vypyr , line 6 spider ( i had the II not the IV ) , vox valvetronix etc.. IMO they all sound garbage through heapdhone .. your sound is too "compressed" and it sound like crap .

the only 300 $ - thats awesome for headphones playing is the rocktron voodu valve . because the speaker simulation is just great , playing through heapdhone in it just sound good and not annoying ,. can play for hour and dont get tired of the sound i hear . of course it not a cranked tube amp , but it sound great .

i tried almost everything the market can afford in Modeling /heapdhone amp ( vox amplug etc.. , cube , vypyr , valvetronix etc )

and nothing compared to the rocktron voodu valve ..

so thats about it for headphone .. dont spend more than 35 $ cause it wont change anything or very minimal .

sony mdr 200 and your good to go .
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Skull Kandies !!!11!!1!1

Hopefully you have a Line 6 or MG with CRUSHING OVERDRIVE to make use of the kkoo super bass.
Skull Candy? Kiddy toys. The TS should clearly be buying a set of luxury, top dollar Bose headphones. True audiophile sound quality, hear "every nuisance of the sound source" from "better sound through extensive research."

Or some Dr. Dre Beats! They GANGSTA YO!!! THEY FO REAL!!!

Seriousness: Any higher-end set of Sennheisers. The HD 280's will do the job.


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It's a Line 6 Spider IV 120. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
In that case, get a cheap set of Wal Mart headphones and put the rest of the money away for a new amp, or Pod HD depending on what type of residence you live in. Spiders are trash and shouldn't be touched by anybody, except beginners.
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