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I remember 2007 and 2008 being THE TIME for myspace. Facebook just isn't the same . Does anyone else here miss it?
Not at all.
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No. Next question please.
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Only the music part, but it sucks for that too now so no.

I heard ages ago that Facebook was going to implement a Myspace-like music player. Is that still happening?
I loved designing the layouts. FB is just a white background and glitches WAY too much. Myspace was also kind of edgy as it was aimed at Gen Y'ers and (to some extent) X'ers. FB is so commercialized and there is pretty much no edge.
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I heard ages ago that Facebook was going to implement a Myspace-like music player. Is that still happening?

No idea. It would make it way easier for bands to showcase their music though, instead of having to use third party apps.
I sort of do out of nostaliga's sake. Then I realized why people moved on to Facebook.
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Was a huge help for my band, had a ton of fans that could easily find out about a gig and post their pics of us, and get new fans too. Definitely miss it.
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I loved Myspace and only moved to Facebook because everyone left Myspace. I understand the appeal, because Myspace was so poorly coded and outdated, but I liked Myspace more when everyone was using it than I like Facebook now.
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No idea. It would make it way easier for bands to showcase their music though, instead of having to use third party apps.

Agreed. Soundcloud is great but they lower the sound quality and there's a time limit before you have to pay. Reverbnation has so much spam. UG is great but there's no embedding player so it's a little inconvenient to link to your fans/friends.

I wish Zuckerberg would stop wasting his time on changing the layouts and screwing up the chat system on purpose
I hate it because it's basically the slowest site on the Internet. But tons of bands still use it so I have to as well whenever I listen to them.

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Of course I miss Myspace, because I can imagine how I felt about it BEFORE Facebook. Do I think it's better than Facebook? Course not. Even Tom said he wasn't happy with the way the new CEOs are managing it. It's the nostalgia. I remember going home and interacting with people on Myspace in a similar way as on Facebook. Everyone was there. Everyone had one. It was the online social meeting place.
MySpace sucks. Designing your own special snowflake layout is for tweens.

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no. nobody else used myspace. i use these social networking sites to talk to everyone i know, because i am socially awkward, and because of everyone using facebook ,and nobody using myspace, well, i prefer the myspace now. plus, what would feel better for no reason? 29 friends, or 200+ friends?
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I miss the old and original MySpace. When it wasn't so slow, and convoluted with bullshit. I had some good times on there with friends.
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i never really used it to begin with, but i still go there for band pages sometimes. a big problem with it is they appear to never have moderated spam at all.
I less miss Myspace and more miss the time that Myspace was so big. Facebook just feels more comortable, and like previously stated, no sparkly shit.
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Not having to pause annoying songs all the time? Yeah, I'll take FB.
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Nope. Myspace was annoying. Which is why I started using Facebook.
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I'm not fond of either, really. I deleted my myspace in like 2008, but I guess Facebook is a bit better.

It's on the slow decline though.
I never really used myspace. I just started with facebook in like 2007.

I stopped using facebook, though. I don't have a problem with facebook inherently. I just have a problem with how most people use it, and how it effects most people.
I got rid of my myspace account a long time ago, I don't miss it one bit. Facebook's much better, as there are actually people on there.
Facebook sucks so much dick.

Myspace was the best way ever to promote music to non-musicians.

Facebook people pretty much have to search for you to find your music, even then they just like the page. People frown hard on random adding and strangers, even though if I knew them in person, I'd never talk to them on a computer.

Myspace taught me how to write/create html from scratch/templates.

Also myspace was tops back around the 2003-06 era.
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