Hey, guys. Whats up? I been playing with people off and on since I was fifteen or so, but am just now getting into my first serious band. We are rehearsing the songs that will become our first set list right now, and have just picked up a vocalist.

Cat's a good singer, but I've never had to mic a vocalist before. We are working on about about twelve or thirteen songs right now, and to make everything really come together I'd like to be able to get the vocalist loud enough to be heard, and next month I'll need to know what to do for our first house show.

Anyways, I just need to know the basic-est, bare-bones stuff that I need to get my boy loud enough to really participate in rehearsal.

Obviously a live mic, but what else? I don't want to go into a shop and look stupid, feel me?

Thanks a lot for the help. Also sorry if this isn't the correct forum.
Go to a rehearsal studio.

Seriously, that's the only way you've got any chance of replicating the 'on stage' thing - unless you've got $600+ to spend on a half decent PA system and mics.
Yeah, it's hard to advise you without some sort of budget and some sort of description on what you want this setup to do.

For instance, is this just for vocals at rehearsal, or do you plan on gigging with it? Do you foresee wanting to mic up the whole band?

If it is just for vocals for rehearsal, if the band isn't too loud, you might be able to get away with a mic into a keyboard amp. Go used and you've got a setup for ~$300.

I love my Sennheiser e835 mic for vocals. Side-by-side with a Shure SM58, it makes the 58 sound like you're singing through wet moving blankets.

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