A long overdue NAD. Enough talk. Let's start the show.

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Show us the goods babydoll

Just trying to show off the green. The pictures really don't do the color justice.

The whole gang.

Okie dokie. I was traversing the northeast corner of America. After I passed through New York I ended up in Michigan. Just because I felt like it, I decided to check the local Craigslist. Low and behold guess what I came across while I was there.

This beauty is a two channel Dual Rectifier from 2000. March first, 2000 to be exact. I now this because The previous owner was kind enough to supply me with the original receipt. Along with the original manual, catalogues, and even bumper sticker. Everything he received on March first 2000, I received almost twelve years later. This guy was a saint. The amp looks brand new. Not a scratch. It almost seemed too good to be true, especially considering how cheap it was.

It looks as amazing as it sounds, in a beautiful custom green finish. The pictures don't come close to how awesomely brutal the color is.

I was stuck between this, and a 6505 that was about three hundred dollars cheaper, but this was infinitely more satisfying. I couldn't be happier with this amp.

The only thing I truely regret is not being able to pick up the matching 4x12. Sadly though, I just couldn't afford it, as the head was already pushing my limit. Still very worth it though. Instead, I went to guitar center and picked up this nice used carvin cab to hold me over until I can sell my kidney for a rectifier cab.

This was my first real tube head and I couldn't be any hapier. This baby is a dream.
The only things that could make this rig any more perfect would be a mesa 4x12 and an OD808, but its still pretty nice even with out.

(P.s. as I'm sure you know, rectos love playing hard to get when it comes to homing in on the perfect tone, and since I'm new to EQing, if anybody wanted to feel generous and share some settings for modern metal to get me started, I'd be more than thankful ;D)

P.S.S. This is actually my first NAD on UG!
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great find man, HNAD!

I had a 3ch triple for a while, but I hear the 2ch models have better sound. I thought the manual had some sample settings, but you can try www.grailtone.com . They have a lot of band based settings for various amps.

EDIT: And I see you did the Boba Fett mod, kudos.
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Why do these have to cost $4,000 in Aus

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The manual has a few suggestions yeah. There's just something about "factory preset" that doesn't really scream METAL to me. Lol

Grailtone, I think I've heard of that before. Let me give that a looksee.
Try hitting up Michigan sometime. $900 even. Really tryng hard to not sound like I'm bragging.

And yeah, even though The two channel version sounds demonicly angelic, I find the Boba Fett mod really helps tighten it up for the better.
I'd hit it.

err...I mean HNAD!
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Thanks man!

I saw one of the new multi-watt rectos at the guitar center I got the cab from. I was trying out a 6505 when I saw it from a distance. It was about $1800. I thought about buying it. But thank zombie Jesus I decided to check Craigslist first. I was freakishly lucky to find a two channel recto like that. You just don't see those in the part of Texas I'm from. Never.
Thanks guys.

The only way I could love this amp anymore would be to.. well... LOVE this amp.

Nah mean?

Haha, I just noticed, in the last picture, "is that a tuner in my pocket or am I just happy to see that recto?" ;D
Nice lightsaber man!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ho, nice amp.
so you like Coca Cola, Boba Fett, lightsabers and green Rectos?

Got it

HNAD man good score. I didn't even notice it was green until you said something. You need to get some better pics. Not sure if I'd like the green personally, but it is different and that is all that matters. You should put the Price you paid in the OP too - you kept talking about what a great deal it was but I didn't see a price anywhere. $900 is good but not great.

Doesn't matter..............Have fun
I paid $900. I live in the midldle of nowhere Texas. I will NEVER see a dual rectifier of any kind in this area. That, combined with the awesome custom color, AND the fact that its a two channel recto made this deal completely worth the money
You got a 2 channel, instead of a 3 channel? Good job! UG has taught you well
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The only thing that isn't completely original. But its cool, tubes come and go, and can be easily replaced.

Edit: oh, and two sovtek 5ar4 rectifier tubes.
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an amazing amp, i have one too and they do sound just incredible. unfortunately im selling mine tho

enjoy it dude, high gain doesn't really get much better than that!!! HNAD
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^why sell

what are you up too?

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I paid $900. I live in the midldle of nowhere Texas. I will NEVER see a dual rectifier of any kind in this area. That, combined with the awesome custom color, AND the fact that its a two channel recto made this deal completely worth the money

I see. That makes a lot of sense. Same thing happened with my Splawn. You don't see those around here normally either (midwest)
I'd tap that...

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Yup. Totally justifiable. Lol.

And thanks guys, Just please don't get my amp sticky. Lol
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me jelly i would break a lot of laws to get a dual rec of any variation. Happy NAD!
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