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I bought a blackstar ht-1 combo amp in the summer (thanks to recommendations on this forum) and it's been working without any problems since, when I was playing with a pretty rubbish epiphone les paul special. I bought a jagmaster second hand about a month ago, plugged it in and there was a noticeable buzz. Assumed this was just because the guitar was second hand and a few years old, and intended to take it to a guitar shop to be looked at. However it wasn't a huge problem as you couldn't hear the buzz when you were actually playing the guitar so carried on without any problems.

This was until yesterday when the buzz got louder for a few seconds before the sound totally stopped. The light was still on on the amp but no sound came out. Plugged in my old guitar and again couldn't get any sound out of it. I then plugged the jagmaster into an old amp and it worked. Intending to take the amp to a shop at the weekend, I just settled for playing through the old amp with no problems until I switched my distortion pedal yesterday, causing a really loud high pitched noise until I unplugged it again. After this the second amp began buzzing as well.

So firstly can anyone hazard a guess as to whether this is an amp problem, a guitar problem or a pedal problem and if so, how do I go about fixing this? Just hope I can get life back out of the amp because I really do love it and am skint at the moment! Cheers.
Your house wasn't built on the site of an ancient burial ground or anything, was it?

I think it's more likely to do with crap noisy pickups in the jagmaster, and the HT-1 breaking was probably an unrelated fault. Take it back under warranty.

The high pitched noise when you turned on the distortion could have been several things; probably microphonics caused my low quality pickups, but occasionally pedals will squeal when they're given the wrong voltage/polarity, or the battery is running out, or you've got the input and output mixed up.
haha cheers mate, yeah was hoping to get new pickups for it over christmas but now it seems me whole little set up has packed in! Will look into getting it replaced then, cheers. Was just worried i'd get a replacement only for it to be broke by some fault in the guitar or something.