I can't seem to get powerful lead sound out of the high e string when playing with the slide. Also it's harder to get out a decent sound of that string with the slide; i have to hold the slide at a certain angle.
I use .11 ernie ball strings on a ~$275 LP copy and have a glass slide.
Should I use a metal slide instead?
maybe try adjusting your pickup so your high e string is closer to the pickup?
The problem lies in the height of your action. The high e is thin and more flexible so when u put the slide on it, it starts to hit the frets, which is exactly what you don't want. You can try raising your bridge height but I wouldn't recommend to do so just to accommodate you're slide playing...this is why slide players have a specific guitar for playing slide guitar, ones with raised action.

Also, try not to pick the string too hard, most people use their fingers while slide playing so the lighter the better in most cases.
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