Hello I'm in the middle of building a strat, the body is from a 70s Japanese strat made from sen ash. I'm would like to put in just one seymour duncan or dimarzio singlecoil sized humbucker, One volume switch and a killswitch. Could anyone please tell me if its possible and is so Could you please explain how to wire this.

Many thanks
Go to Seymour Duncan's website, I'm pretty certain they have a diagram for this.
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I can recommend the Seymour Duncan Hotrail, have one in my Strat copy, sufficient gain to play alot of different types of music, just lacks the depth and fullness of a proper humbucker
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Thnaks guys, I checked the seymourduncan website but there was no wiring diagrams for just one pickup, one volume. I'm now considering just putting in a loaded pickguard with wilkinson wvs pickups as there resonably cheap, any thoughts on these?