hey guys, i'd really appreciate some feedback on my band's song "sellout". its probably my favourite song that we've written so far, so hopefully you guys will like it too

btw i know that the first few seconds of guitar sounds pretty bad and its a little disjointed (cheap production but we are definetley going to get this professionally recorded soon) but please just try and look past that and let me know what you think.

its here:http://soundcloud.com/majority-vote/majority-vote-sell-out

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Hey just a heads up the link you provided takes everyone to their own tracks.
What you need to do instead is go to your soundcloud player, click on 'share' and then post the link from there
Firstly, do what MattsRichardson said. I managed to find the track but I had to search it from the main page.

Now onto the track itself:

The main guitar is way too distorted, and the 'fuzzy' main riff just doesn't sound very good; work on your tone. The vocals are alright, but they need proper mixing. Drums sound way too distant, they need to be more prevalent imo. I liked the chorus, very catchy, but the voice definitely needs a bit of compression, there are a lot of sudden changes in volume that just sound awful. The bit at around 2:30 sounds pretty good, the guitar tone is actually fitting here, I liked this part. Structure-wise it's okay, nothing to crit here. Overall, I'd work the production aspect a bit more.

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ok, listen as i type: first impression is that the tone is pretty rough. fuzz is good but too much is bad and gives it kind of a cheap feeling to it. i like when the drums come in and the riff locks in with that. my favorite part so far though is the vocals. the progression of the guitar is a little weird itself, it borderlines on uniqueness and just sounding out of key sometimes which may or may not be of any concern to you at all depending on what youre going for. im at the instrumental break and i liked it the first time through but id seriously consider adding another guitar over the top, something to build up over it. its a little bland as is but i could easily picture that being a dramatic build up without having to change much. song just ended and id have to say if the guitar sound itself was cleaned up a little bit it would really tie this together as a good sounding song

thanks for giving my song a look too, much appreciated
Once again, I recommend less distoshun and double-tracking the guitars (and panning them left and right). The vocals are good, they remind me of the Go-Go's (this is a compliment); I like the vocal melodies.......the harmonies remind me of Susie (spelled wrong) & the Banshees (another compliment). Sometimes the guitar playing could be tighter, but that's OK since this song is somewhat punk-ish. I think it's a good song overall. Since you're English, maybe you'll like this tune of mine that got played on 6 Music BBC radio:


Perhaps you could review it on my latest thread here:

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The production does need work, but there's a good song underneath all that. It takes me back to the days where we recorded through Digitech RP's into a 4 track tape. Mainly the guitar tone needs some work. It just feels thin to me. And the drums are lost in the mix. The vocals came out good and I think the vocalist has a good voice. Hope any of this helps you out. Cheers!
I really like your voice and think there's a ton of potential in them. Sounded a little like you were holding back... don't. Looking past the recording quality, I hear this song sounding a lot cooler than it does. What I mean is the guitars are too basic. Try experimenting with variations i.e. palm-muting in the verses, a second guitar doing lead work in the chorus with some octaves, a picking riff in the verses whilst the bass plays the root notes etc.

Difference in dynamics will keep it alive and fresh throughout.

2:30 to 2:50 - a missed opportunity for a bad ass pop rock solo. Nothing like tapping or sweeping, but melodically driven licks to further tell the story.

I think you can change the 0:13-0:24 riff to something slicker that grabs your attention!

A lot to work on in this song because the foundation is so very sweet.