hi ive been an electric guitar player for 3 years and i got a bass a couple of days ago and its amazing i am literally addicted to slapping that mother ****er

ok but the problem is now that when i pick up my electric guitar i play for about 20 mins and just get real bored, it feels like ive just completely lost interest in it.

don't get me wrong im a decent player for someone 15 but lately when ive been playing guitar theres no songs that i really want to learn, and when im practising my alternate picking and speed etc i dont feel motivated to practise at all cause it bores the hell out of me and i know it's gonna be a while before im a proper shredder

i just bought a bass because i love the sound of slap bass and because i got a way better chance of forming or getting in a band as a bass player (its not easy as a guitarist to find like minded musicians at my age where i live trust me)

sorry for making you read long post can you give me any advice? thanks
Knock yourself out with the bass! I mean if you're enjoying it, then go for it!

You're absolutely right. Get even "decent" at bass and you'll never be without band options. And if you're having a blast while doing it, great!

Sounds like to me you need to start hanging out in the UG bass forum a lot more.

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Keep on playing bass if that's what you enjoy. But that doesn't mean that you can't keep on playing guitar. Not all guitarists are shredders you know?
You may be one of the lucky few who ends up as "I'm a bass player but I play a little guitar, too..."

Rock on with the Bass, bro.
Then there's this band called Slice The Cake...

Bunch of faggots putting random riffs together and calling it "progressive" deathcore.
Stupid name.
Probably picked "for teh lulz"

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its probably because

firstly we all generally find new stuff interesting and exciting and

secondly your not noticing really large improvements in your guitar playing whilst your progressing rapidly with the bass as you have only started playing it and so your improvement in a short period is much greater than it would seem to be whilst playing guitar.

id say try and keep going at both, better to learn two instruments than one. but just my opinion
Sounds to me like you're meant to be a bassist! Why fight it? Slap that bass my friend. Slap it good
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I played bass for a year, got really good, picked up guitar, then only really played bass when I was jamming with people. But that's key: Jamming with people. Being able to do both well will ensure that you are NEVER without a band. I'm in like, 4 right now. It's awesome. Nothing is more prized than a valuable bassist. NOTHING.
Do whatever is fun. There's no rule that you can only play one. Get one of those double neck Rickenbackers that Geddy Lee used to play. Bass on top, guitar on bottom. lol
If you prefer bass keep at it! There's a shortage of quality bass players who do more than just follow the guitar parts.

Nothing wrong with keeping up the guitar though, it'll make you a more versatile, and therefore much more valuable, musician. Also, I find playing a different instrument provides a bit of variety and makes you less likely to get bored of your main instrument.
Slap bass= audiogasm.

If I had a bass, I'd never play my guitar either... since most of what I play is just really catchy riffs!

Although playing a full solo, makes me feel like a boss.
IMO you should give it time. Maybe later on, you will regain the flare for guitar, and by that time you will be proficent at two instruments which is a good thing. Besides, playing one doesn't exclude the other. Just look at Devin Townsend
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It happens to me from time to time, man, don't worry about that at all. You kinda get bored of one, go to the next, get bored of it and go back to the former, alternating forever in an endless cycle of awesomeness.
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The world needs more great bass players. Rock that shit. Nobody ever complains that Bootsy, Larry, or Rhonda don’t play more guitar leads.
You should learn how to use them both as an EPIC SONGWRITING TOOL, even if your only playing Bass or Guitar in one band you can switch between insrtuments while writing to make awesome songs...