I have a Dean Razorback DB Bio-Mech and it has a strap pin where the neck bolts on. I like to check every guitar I get and make sure the neck bolts are tight so I did that and also I was gonna put a strap button for a dunlop strap lock on there. I unscrewed it about halfway I guess and I was like nah don't wanna mess this up. I screwed it back in snug but not like wrenching on it or anything and I noticed yesterday after practice going to take the strap of it came somewhat loose. I did have to tug pretty hard to get the strap off so I supposed that could have been it. My question is should I tighten it snug and give it just a little bit more so it stays locked better and also can only one neck bolt coming loose throw the neck out of whack?
I don't know, but that doesn't really sound safe. Would it be uncomfortable if you placed the strap button or strap lock somewhere else than the original strap button is?
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Seems Like an odd place fr a strap lock...

The rule of thumb for tightening is generally 1/4 turn after its snug,
But if you think the wood may crack just stop forcing is never a good
thing to do if it can be helped.
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Sorry I was kinda out of it earlier lol. I am guessing I should just put a new hole for the straplock stuff huh? I am thinking about taking the strap pin off of the neck screw too but what size screw would I need to replace it?
Nah you're fine, just tighten it more than you did the first go around. As long as you don't give it the gorilla arm everything should be alright.

Also, that's a pretty common place for the strap button to be on odd-shaped bolt-on neck guitars.
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try tightening it. as long as you don't force it, you shouldn't need to worry about cracking the wood or anything. neck screws are pre-drilled and meant to be fairly tight, so as long as you aren't completely ham-fisted (never use a drill, for example) about it, you really shouldn't have any concerns.

if there are 4 screws (most guitars), I really wouldn't be too worried about one being a little loose. even though it is certainly best to have them all evenly tightened, I can't imagine that 3 screws wouldn't be able to hold the strain, given that I've had guitars that only use 3 neck screws