Hi all,

I'm after some advice about a shopping trip i'm planning in London. My eldest daughter (14) is getting to grips with the acoustic guitar and would like to buy her first guitar herself. Up till now she's just using my old Yamaha F-310. She has a budget of £200 and would like to get an acoustic.

She wants to be there to try it out which makes sense, instead of buying online, so i suggested maybe making a day of it and going to London, possibly Denmark Street to see what they have.


I thought it would be nice to go somewhere that had some musical history to it too, maybe a bit of inspiration for the future. Rather than say she got her guitar on a half hour trip into the local town, it would be a nice story to say she got it from the same place where The Sex Pistols, The Beatles and Hendrix wrote songs, where people like Elton John wrote classic tunes and where world famous artists also bought their guitars.

I hear there are venues there that are famous there, so i'm wanting to put together a "music history" day for my two girls. Maybe get some pics taken at specific spots.

Even ideas for other sites around London that we could visit, like Abbey Rd Studios.

Thanks for any ideas or advice, i have another daughter who is learning the basic chords too so they would both benefit greatly from a day like this.

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Sorry I don't have any advice, but I just wanted to say that this is a cool idea.

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Try the Hard Rock Cafe vault, it was the first one ever opened and they have stuff like guitars that belonged to Hendrix, Keith Richards, etc., along with lyric sheets from various artists, John Lennon's jacket, some more stuff I can't remember. Haven't been there since 07 so there may be some different stuff in there by now.
Thank you for the great suggestions, this will make for a great trip.

Much appreciated.

The Dublin Castle in Camden's had a fair few acts there at the beginning of their various careers (Madness and Libertines spring to mind) but it's not a great venue in itself and the pub is tiny and overpriced. This probably isn't very helpful.