I've been looking for a band that plays anything close to my vision of what I would like in a band. But being a university student my time is divided between both Nottingham and Newcastle and finding a solid band is almost impossible.

I want to do something different to every other band I have played in so I have an idea of what I want to make. I'm listening to a lot of Incubus and The Mars Volta recently and the sound-scapes these guys create are intense. I'm thinking of something with a space like theme, delving deep into the cosmos.

So I'm looking for another guitarist to accompany myself, a bass player, a vocalist and possibly someone to program drums but I could do that at a push.

This won't just be my musical vision, anyone involved will have a creative input into what goes on. Let's make something special.

Hit me up if you are interested.
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I can do both acoustic and electric guitar. Keyboard if you need it.
I can also do electric guitar as well as keyboards and synths. I'm also up for just doing compositional/arrangement work.

Favourite Bands:
Porcupine Tree
The Mars Volta
King Crimson
Battle Circus

Is that up your alley?
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i can do either guitar(acoustic or electric), bass, keyboards/piano, and have drum track software. i have also written some decent lyrics, but im not much of a singer.