What I can tell you for sure ist that I love it, especially Fire Red.

Your playing is great as well, it sounds like it's not too complicated stuff, but it's very tasteful and got the right groove to it.

The only thing I don't like is the heavy amount of compression on the overall mix. Could be just my speakers, though.

Nevertheless, I think I might buy your album
Thank you! A lot of hours have gone into the album (and my practicing), so it's really nice to hear kind words ^^ I try not to over complicate things. Simplicity is beautiful.

I can agree to some extent about the compression, but it's quite a conscious decision. Loudness war and all that - people sadly tend to listen through iPhone speakers.

Since the recording I have switched amps from a JCM 800 vintage -84 to a modern Fender Super Sonic 100 and started playing with less distortion, so my personal compression level has probably been lowered, though
Thanks a lot!
The Chili peppers are a big source of inspiration to us. Not mainly their sound, but their organic approach to music and jamming. Their music is great as well, of course.

We're working on the audience thing Sweden is kind of small, though, and since we're not part of any current underground wave (like screamo and stuff, all respect), it takes time. Slowly growing, though. We moved to Stockholm (the capital) a year ago, better scene here.

Thanks again. I took a listen to your song, I'll comment in your thread.