I asked a question on the PUP thread and never got a reply.,
Basically I'm modding my first ever a guitar (a 1995 yamaha Pacifica EG 112 that had been in an attic for 10 years before I brought it off a friend).
I've replaced the bridge with a fender and I'm getting it coil-tapped with a strat stack on the neck as one coil tap and the bridge pick up being coil tapped too.
My dilemna is that I'm not sure what bridge humbucker to get.
I'm definitely getting a strat stack (neck) and a quarter pounder(middle)
I'm not sure if the SH-4 or SH-6 will suit me better or of one sounds better coil tapped.
I play grunge/heavy/punk/noise rock so I want the humbucker to give some good sweet sounding feedback.
The strat stack will be fulfilling the punk aspect.
I listen to nirvana,yuck,the cribs,sonic youth, the strokes, White stripes, queens of the stone age , arctic monkeys, pavement, biffy clyro, dinosaur jr, built to spill, stephen malkmus etc.
My gear is : orange crush pix 35ldx, boss DS-2,Boss OD-3, Dunlop crybaby, EHX smallstone nano , DOD FX52, DOD FX65, DOD milkbox compressor
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Go with a JB if you want to stick to seymour duncans. That pickup is so gnarly. Otherwise the Gibson 498T is my go to bridge pickup for what you're doing.