Hey guys,

So I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now. I'm completely self-taught (besides what a few people have shown me along the way), but more recently (last few months) I've become unsatisfied with my playing and set out to get better. I can play open chords almost to perfection, play barre chords fairly well, play some scales (slowly), songs (only involving chords), etc. I've even gotten into some more advanced "chopping" and finger picking techniques.

My biggest issue is fretting finger coordination and speed. I can play chords and such just fine, but when it comes to hitting single notes pretty quickly it creates a problem for me. I'm not horrible at it, but certainly not as good as I would like to be.

When I ask "how can I improve this?" I know I can always do finger exercises, and I have been. However, it seems as though I have hit a wall with them.

Over the past few months I've noticed very little, if any, progress with my finger exercises. I think the biggest issue is that I get bored very quickly and I find myself reverting back to playing the chords/techniques I know. Sometimes I do this without event thinking.

My ultimate question is: are there any exercises or improvements I can do to current exercises to make things a little more interesting? One minute I'll be playing finger exercises and then the next I'm back playing chords. I feel if I can make it a little more interesting my mind would stay focused a little better and push through the exercises.

If there is no way around it, then I guess I just gotta push through. Anyway, any tips would be greatly appreciated.

get a book or a dvd by one of your guitar heroes for some motivation. i recommend mark tremonti's "sound & story" dvd, seriously top notch.

that plus adderall and pot and you should be good lol
Find songs where you get to use that technique. I have never practised chords and scales and boring crap like that, I've just played songs I like that includes what I'm practising. Nothing has ever gotten boring until it got too easy.
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Well, if you need speed, then try this one. Play this one on each string.
[5h7-8] x 4
[7h8-10] x 4
[8h10-12] x 4
[10h12-13] x 4
And then do the same on the other string. Play this triplets to the metronome as fast as you can one triplet per beat. You will most likely feel pain in your hand after some time practicing. Give it a rest and then play some chords.
Snow Hey Oh - Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's pretty fun to play and will really help coordination/speed and definitely stamina (for me at least)
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