Hey man!

I believe that there aren't many bass players, who have the guts for playing RHCP songs, because, imo, Flea is one of the best players out there. But I think you did a great job with this cover. This song is very tricky for playing, but I think you played it very well. Your tone is very nice too. The only thing I didn't like in this is the video quality, but I am sure that you will improve this very soon. Great technique, keep it going!

C4C? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0hd54ynzUM&list=UUucZPpVi_EUtJ8gzNz_KRpg&feature=plcp
Thanks man...yeah my webcam is really really old
You've done a great job too! I really like your tone...it's really punhcy
And a great choice of song to show off your rythm and lead skills..i especially liked the tapping
sounded great, only thing i have to say is turn the backing track down and you bass up, keep up the good work!
really like your tone on your cover...it was spot on..you just need to worek on your timing a little bit and it'll be perfect i wouldn't mind doing some collaboration with you
also dani california was veeeery awesome
Really awesome man, your playing is excellent. My only comment is one that's already been made, turn up the bass a little so we can hear it over the backing track. And keep up the good work.