Hi, I recently changed the battery for the pick ups.An ever since it has been given a buzzing pulseing sound. I have checked all the wireing is solid, It plays fine on clean. I have tryed another guitar on the amp an it as fine, so i really have no idea what it is causeing the annoying buzzing pulse.any ideas an solutions would be helpful ?
Well, if the amp is fine, when you used the other guitar did you use the same cable? Can you verify that cable is good?

next place i would go would be to the input jack on the guitar and make sure you are getting a good solid connection there.

After that you'll need to dig into the guts a little deeper. Sounds like a loose wire to me tho... (Given that the amp plays fine through a different guitar)
yeah same cable.i have checked the wireing.its all solid, the input jack is also fine i checked that. The only place i havent checked is under the pick ups,but i couldent see that going loose. The tone is still as it was. i cant think??
which pickup set do you have? The ones with the EZ connectors or the ones with just wires you have to solder yourself?

I dont think EMG's will actually do this but when holding your guitar plugged in if you touch the strings does it make the sound go away? I.E. a loose ground? Its been a few years since i connected my EMG's so cant remember if they even use a ground or not..
The zakk wylde set.an i think it had the quick attach set.it was a mate of mine that put them in.it was fine until the battery got changed the other day.an it does it if your touching the strings or not.it makes no diffrence,