hey guys, i'm planning on buying a metronome. Ive never had one before so i don't know what a decent one would cost or which one to get. Can someone please help me out?

-Thank You
Do you have an ipod touch/iphone/ipad?
If you do, you can find a decent free app on there. It's what I use.
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if you have a smartphone of any sort there are a bunch of apps for free that'll work. there are also websites with free metronomes. You can also download a free recording program and use the click, even powertab will work. Not really any reason to spend money on a metronome anymore.
Use the "generate clicktrack" feature in Audacity, set the track on repeat, plug your computer into a stereo or loud PC speakers. Have fun. Don't bother with online metronomes, they usually skip and lag from the slightest connection troubles.

Though if you write your own music like I do, use this first to find out what the BPM of your song even is:

On the off-chance you're old school like me and want a real metronome (not an app or a program you have to start up your computer to use) they're pretty cheap. You can find a decent one for around $20-$30 in any music store.
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