Hi, i want to ask for a favor, if i get 1000 views on this video , my father will give me a Ibanes RG1527 please help me by watching this video

[URL=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embeddeWATCH PLEASE
and tell me how do I play, i consider myself an average player, i have been playing for 3 years. please help Me !
watched it, hope it works bro.
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Anything to help out a fellow UGer.
Now about the cover, the backing track was a tad too loud for my taste. However you did an excellent job on the actual playing.
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Not exactly related to the thread, but if you like this song, check out the demo with Mike on vocals, it's really good.
...you've been playing 3 years? I've been playing 3 years, you demolish me, man! VERY clean, and I love the tone! I'll mash the refresh button for you, man!
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Great job man!

Sadly, this thread will most likely be closed soon as it is not the right section, but whatever...

Recently learned this one too, its really fun. Other than the improv'ed parts, you played it great. Good luck. I wish my parents would do the same for me.
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wow, i didn't expected this really good comments, look, im from chile and here the musicians are way understimated, thank you guys , you made my day, in my way to the pit
Please don't spam your youtube video here. There's a subforum for posting clips of your work. Posting five threads linking to your video is a really bad idea.