Been thinking about starting a band like this for a while, so me and my friend spoke and we might record a few tracks, this is one of the songs I've wrote for it. Obviously not fully complete, Guitar Pro for me is just so I remember the song etc, let me know what you guys think? Will obviously c4c and whatnot.
Super Negi 5.gp5
Overall, I liked the mood of it throughout. I'm not the biggest Daylight fan but you could definitely say I'm a fan of the genre. Throughout the whole first part, some harsh or catchy (or both) vocals over top could really make or break it there. It really depends on that, the instrumentals are okay.

The clean section was pretty standout, nice way to mix things up. Big distorted part afterwards felt pretty good, not sure it quite fit the style though...

Anyways, again, as a fan of this genre, I think it's a pretty standard track and once again, the vocals will make or break it. I'm interested in hearing more of this style though, we don't get enough of that type around here on the forum.
Thanks for the crit man, I'm a fan of just about everything you write on here so it means a lot that you have some nice things to say about what I wrote. Yeah we're working with vocals, we'll probably record something within the next few months, just as long as we don't sound like prepubescent kids singing about our teenage love affairs then everything will be good.

Thanks for the clean section, I wasn't fully sure on it, but I needed a way to bridge into the chords at the end, that really didn't fit at all without that. Yeah I know it's nothing mindblowing or anything, I'm not a good enough musician or guitarist to do anything really impressive, but I'm honestly really glad you liked it, I'll post a few more songs I've wrote like this quite soon once i finished this, or just put the 3/4 songs into a folder would love for you to have a listen when I do.

Is there anything you want me to crit for you?
^ Yeah, I'd love to listen to them man, definitely post them. And I don't really need anything critted right now, but if you have any comments (good or bad) I'm always open to hear them.