I don't know about that one. One the one hand, it is a toy. On the other, it is a 200-watt 2x10 halfstack. I've only ever heard one at Guitar Center, and it didn't sound very good. But that was hardly a serious demonstration - someone was just noodling around on it. I suppose it might work well for small gigs, but I think it will look ridiculous on stage. It is a lot smaller than it looks in that picture.
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Owned one for a while. They're pretty bland and boring really, I mostly used it through my Ampeg 610 too. When I finally got the chance to push some volume out of it I found that it clips fairly easily at "high" volumes (it's not a nice sounding clip either) and it really doesn't feel like a true 200 watts. Construction-wise it just doesn't feel sturdy either, I wouldn't expect it to work after taking a tumble from said 610 cab.
IMO if you want a 200 watt mini head get the Gallien Krueger MB200. I've owned one of those as well and they sound absolutely fantastic, especially for what you pay and they're build like brick shit houses, nice metal cases, you could beat someone repeatedly with it and it would still work. I opened the GK up too, very clean wiring job all round, very impressed for the $200 I paid. Never opened the Ampeg but I never really wanted to know...