Hey guys whats up? I play acoustic guitar and write songs, as well as play covers from my favorite bands like Brand New, Kevin Devine, Wilco, Manchester Orchestra, and many others. You can check out my fb page here


and my sound cloud here


Thanks for taking the time to read this and give my music a listen. Lf you listen and want me to do the same for you, post your info here! I'm down for all kinds of comment4comment, like for like, or whatever else you have in mine (Musically that is. pm me if you want to go somewhere else with this haha (;.)

Thanks again!
Hey I listened to your Sowing Season acoustic cover! I really liked it. The mixing was great and you did a good job on the back up vocals! That's awesome that you like Brand New. I always like them but none of my friends ever really knew them. Can't wait to hear more keep it up!!