hey ug, im new here and was wondering if u guys could help me out. i have a fender starcaster (you know, the cheap one from china that comes with the amp (dont worry, got a new amp + dist pedal =P)) that im thinking of putting a new pickup on for the bridge area. im absolutley new to this type of thing so i was wondering if you guys could help me choose a good (and hopefullly cheap) pickup. im looking for something with very nice distortion (basically more dist = more better =P)... preferably 70s esq metal sound. i was thinkin somethin like a p-90 or a nice humbucker... would this get what im lookin for? please help im basically clueless lol
thanks rich, this site helped me out. i plan on goin with the dimarzio super distortion s... sounds like its a good choice. also i just noticed theres a thread on this site specifically for this type of question, lol prolly should have posted there, sorry . anyways, any more info anyone could give me (especially any installing tips) would probably be helpful and would most definitley be appreciated, thanks
Before you spend $200 on pickups, I would check out GFS pickups at guitarfetish.com. They're REALLY cheap, and amazing sounding. Really top notch, I've put them in most of my guitars. Big improvement over the stocks.
I second the GFS idea. They really do have good pups for the money. I just finished modding a cheap Ibanez RX170 for a friend of mine. We dropped a couple hundred on all Lace Sensors. Was it worth it? It sound good, but not great. You can only do so much with a cheap guitar.
GFS or Dragonfire
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