I'm sure many of you have encountered problems with your saddles devouring strings like a fatty in a cake shop, so I've decided to make this thread to ask for solutions.

I posted this in the set-up thread but thought it might be a good idea to make a new thread, just in case anybody else encounters the same problem (and knows how to use the search function)
Quote by Butt Rayge
What's the best way to fix this? Take to it with a file? I'd prefer it if there was another way, if only because I can't be bothered. I've 'fixed' them with files before but it's messy and boring and tiresome.

As I'm not too keen on 'fixing' it (and I know it will just start eating strings again in a month or two, anyway) I'd like to know of any good, preferably cheap replacements. Are there any particular metals and alloys I should look out for, any brands, any other keywords?

So far from my searching it seems cheaper to buy a whole new hardtail bridge and just take the saddles off that than it does to buy the set without a bridge attatched.
They are mighty expensive.

I guess this issue isn't as common as I though it was. It's happened to two of my guitars, both of them strats (though one of them was a squier so I'm not sure it even counts.)
Graph tech saddles aren't expensive. It's something like £25-£40 for a set that lasts you a lifetime and stops strings breaking at the bridge, vastly improves tuning stability on trems and to my ears helps make the bass sound a little fuller too.