This is the first song I've shared with Ultimate Guitar. It was written a couple months ago but has undergone several revisions since.


PS: Will comment on your song if you comment on mine
new sludge.gp5
new sludge.gpx
That is some serious bass, that opening riff is a pretty good pick for an intro (fairly simple, allows room for bass) although I might have programmed the drums differently. They get a bit raw in places, --

The riff after has a nice lead in I suppose, but leaves a bit to be wanted because it seems a bit generic/simple (it does still function a-OK as the 'A' section for being so simple, it has its own economy) , however the riff at 27 did freshen things up a bit. It's simple progression - wise but has a ring to it

measure 39 seems a bit mashy but I think the bass harmonics are quite sweet, so I would at least mostly keep it.

The next progression fits nicely and does add just a bit to the song, (the bass @ 60 was not bad )

measure 56 bass helps tie that part together

measures 69 - 76 is kind of lacking and really sketchy, the bass is boring and repetitive and the guitar on top is not filling (pitch wise) or particularly creative musically

The outro was alright, good to end on the A section.

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