Hey guys. It's been awhile.

I'm in the market for a DL4. A buddy of mine is selling off his HUGE pedalboard (used to tour, changing styles, blahblahblah..) and will sell me one or two of his DL4s soon.

From what I've read, and what I've seen, I would be content with just having one and using an expression pedal to get that "6 presets" effect rather than having two big green monsters on my board (although I might get both as a late-Christmas to myself! )

I also happen to have a DigiTech BP-80 and a RP-80 lying around that I don't use, because I discovered it made my live tones just so muddy. I want to know I could use either one as an expression pedal for the DL4? I know that there are TRS cables that have a send and receive jack on one end, and a separate send and separate receive jack on the other end, but I don't anything else.

Bonus question: If the multi-fxs won't work, would I be able to use an Ernie Ball VP Jr with a similar cable described above?

If it won't work, what are some alternatives to buying a straight-up exp. pedal? I'm not against purchasing one, I'd just like to know my options.

Get an M-Audio EX-P for $30 from GC. I don't think either of the solutions you described will work.