I need a good fuzz pedal for about $50 max. Something for a wolfmother/ black keys sound.

I have a Squier tele and Vox AD50VT. I know the gear isnt ideal for that sound but a new guitar/amp is not an option.
Find a used big muff or little big muff. That'll get you close enough for like 90% of fuzz sounds that those bands play. New they run like 70-90 I think, so you should be able to find a used one somewhere in your price range with some hunting.

Hell, I was bored and did a quick ebay search:




So they're definitely out there in your price range and I'm sure you can get some a bit cheaper if you look for a bit.
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Thank you very much, I appreciate it. I live in South Africa so I wont be able to get those on ebay, but I'll look for used ones around here.
its what those geezers use
if you cant afford one of them little big muff
exactly the same sound just less badass
Thanks for everyones help, I'll start looking for a used Big Muff in SA, let me know if you happen to know someone. I live near Cape Town