I wanna get some recording stuff for Christmas. My work had a bunch of left over acoustic foam that I took home and plan to set up a little recording booth in my closet. Anyway, I need to get a condenser mic and interface to record guitar and vocals. I'll be doing bass and electric drums but I really only need to be able to record two inputs at once, maybe up to four but not necessary.

I'm on a $300-$400 budget.

So far this mic seems to have the best reviews and sound quality for the price:

MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone:

For an interface I'm thinking this Focusrite Saffire 6:

So, can anyone recommend what I have from experience or suggest something else? Also, should I stick with USB 2.0 or go Firewire (note: I'd have to buy a firewire card for my PC).

That's about it, along with cables and a mic stand, shock mount, I'd like to get this setup for Christmas, thanks! My amazon cart is at $339.40 with cable, shock mount, and stand, so I'm hitting my budget pretty well.
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