Hey everyone,

I am a guitarist looking to develop a decent bass rig for practice, recording, and gigs. I play a combination of rock, jazz, and funk. I plan on playing gigs in small pubs and bars. My budget is $600. I bought an Ampeg Micro VR mini stack yesterday as an impulse purchase, but after seeing mixed reviews and opinions I am starting to have second thoughts. Maybe I can get better tone for the $600. Any recommendations?

By the way: the Ampeg Micro doesn't sound bad to my ears. I kind of bought it for all the wrong reasons though- the name, the look, and the price. I thought it sounded pretty good, but I just needed something to amplify my bass.
Carvin has a great deal right now on the BX500 head for $380. I read a bunch of reviews first then bought one and it's tits. That would leave you some money left over for a used cab.
I will check it out. Any other suggestions? What about advice on cabs? I'd like something portable but still good enough to move some air.
You definately could do better for $600 but if you've already bought the Ampeg, you don't need to fret (no pun intended). I would keep it since you already have it. I assume you aren't gigging to it will do fine (if you are, you could always run it to the PA or mic it).

For a good jazz/funk bass under $600, I would reccommend a Peavey Grind. They come in 4, 5, and 6 string configurations at an awesome price! ($300-$400 CAN)