i know this will be sounding stupid to you all, but i have ordereda slimbucker for a project im on. but i cannot work out from the pics how it goes on.. does it attatch to a hand rest?.. and if so do i glue it because its meant to be detatchable...????? help pleaseee
I'm not sure what you're talking about, but pictures would be a big help.. what pictures are you looking at that you can't understand?

We can't help you if we don't know what you're looking at or what part of it you're unsure about :/

edit: I did a quick google search and didn't find much on how to istall it, but it looks like you still need to screw it into your guitar to mount it. By that I mean it's still removable, but you'll be left with empty mounting holes.

Can you link to a picture of the instructions you have?
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i dont have any instructions thats why im confused.
i have the side mount version, the neck version seems simple.
but all the pics of the side mount version have a hand rest like these for example. http://www.southpawguitars.com/archtops.html
so i assumed it was attatched to them.. but it cannot be screwed through them because theyre too thin..
i have literally no more info than you do by looking at the pics. thanks for having a go though...
Is it the pickup on those jazz guitars? If so then it's a floating pickup that attaches to the sides of your fretboard.

EDIT: Reread your post. Sounds to me like it would attach to the pickguard then. Without a picture of what you physically have that is all the help I can give.
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Pretty sure that tab is supposed to have a double sided foam tape attached to it. You could probably contact WD and ask them.
okay ill try that. i didnt get it from them that was just an example. but ill just buy some cheap anyway. thanks for the help!
pickguards are flush to the body so cant put anything on them, if its floating theyre called hand rests although they are effectively the same thing in most cases, and they were the only set of pics i could find with slimbuckers, seeing as principal is exactly the same, didnt think it would matter. thanks for trunna help though
I have never heard anyone refer to it as a hand rest. A Les Paul has a pickguard, does it not?
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It attaches to the pickgaurd or as you were calling it "hand rest". Those guitars you linked to are lefties, the "hand rest" is a pickgaurd. If you were resting your hand on it, you'd be holding the guitar upside down.

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