Hey all-

I'm looking to get a new guitar- probably an American Fender Strat. I was thinking about modding it with Lace Sensor pickups and a floating bridge. Does anyone use Lace Sensor single coils, that could recommend/describe some of the different varieties/colors?

And who knows a good floating bridge for a strat? A locking bridge would be cool, the bar needs to lock in, though- I can't have it falling out on me every time I lean forward. Preferably not a Floyd, I'm not in love with the look of it- this guitar's gonna look as good as it sounds.
Look up the Super Vee bridge. As far as pickups, I don't know.
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Super Vee looks perfect- it's just what I wanted.

As for the golds, they're pretty similar to the stock pups- I'm looking for more harmonics, more output, and less of the usual "single coil issues", like screeching feedback at high gain levels and obnoxious hum. Something with a bit more modern edge, I guess. I also think the Golds sound much better with active midrange boost, which Clapton uses- but I'm not willing to cut up my brand new Fender for that, when I think there's another solution.
Is it the old "Deluxe" model Strat's that came with Lace Sensors? I seem to recall seeing some of these on Ebay. If I recall right, the typical arrangement was blue/silver/red (neck to bridge). (Or did I get that backwards???)
I'm talking about buying a brand new strat, and putting the pickups in myself. Lace sells an aftermarket combo of three single coils, with the middle reverse wound and everything. One is silver, purple, and emerald.