I am set on buying an ESP Eclipse in around two weeks.
I'm in a dilemma though. My local guitar store does not have ESPs in stock but can order them, requiring a 10% deposit. Possibility number one is ordering the guitar, essentially buying it before I've tried it.
Possibility number two is driving two hours to a larger music store which has them in stock. This way I will be able to play a couple of them and pick the one I like the best.
By ordering the guitar to my local shop I will save 20% of the price.

I wanted to add that I have never played an ESP.

And another thing, is there a difference between the Eclipse II and the Eclipse I Custom besides the II having three knobs and Custom I four?
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I have the Eclipse II, great guitars! But you should really try to get to play one before you purchase one.
drive the two hours, and if you like it, go home and order from the smaller shop.

if the one you get in is not up to your standards (finish flaw for example), you dont have to buy it. a small store's reputation is far more important than a few hundred dollars. i'm sure they'd reorder a guitar for you if it meant you walk away happy

btw, its an absolutely beautiful guitar. they're almost too easy to play. i can almost guarantee you'll love it (if you like the neck that is...)

let us know how it goes
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if the guitar showed up anything other than perfect at your local shop they should return it to the distributor or ESP if it came direct. However if it just sounded wrong to you or you plain didn't like it then it would be money wasted, however from my experience I have found ESP's are relatively uniform. If you play one and like it there isn't much risk of receiving a bad one.

However, if your from europe check out http://www.thomann.de/ not only are they cheaper than any store I have been in for guitars they also have a 30 day money back policy if your not satisfied
You really have to play one, especially the eclipses, tey look like LPs but play nothing like them, ive sat down with 3 different ones and liked each one, but the ltd versions i cant stand (wierd neck shape, atleast the ones ive played)
Drive to the place you can play it at to try it, then order it at home.

ESP are great guitars, I can't imagine one getting to you and being bad.
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Driving to the larger shop is not a possibility as I am only in Belgium (local shop) for a week and it will take over a week for the guitar to arrive.
It would be very troublesome to get the guitar back to my place if I do this.
Everyone seems to be impressed by ESP Eclipses. I've only seen very positive reviews of it, sounds like a safe 'blind' purchase.
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I bought mine without even knowing about ESP honestly. I went into a local shop and they had a great price on one. I say do it. like @User_Name336 said. The guitar store is more worried about their reputation than a few hundred. Good deal bro, go for it!
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I own the vb eclipse 2. I really do like it. The difference besides the three knobs is the horn on the original eclipse is more "les paul" shaped. The eclipse two has more of a pointed horn. Other than that theyre basically the same. I love my eclipse. But i also recommend if your spending that amount of money, you should always play before purchase. Another thing i have to bring up, for moral issues, is esp's customer servce. Or lack of, i should say. I wont go into specifics but what i have had to deal with when communicating with esp is by far the worst i could have ever imagined. After owning literally dozens of new and used, ltd and esp guitars i expected at least some help with the extremely minor issue i had.
the 1 and 2 are quite similar, maximo33 described the difference quite well.

If you've played one before, then I would have no issue recommending that you just order it. however, if you've never played one before, do take the time to play one at the big box store. that being said, if you're local shop has been good to you, order from them. the business means alot to them, and they'll give you great service
Thanks for the replies guys. I emailed them asking for a price and whether or not they would be able to have the guitar ready for me before New Years. If there is a decent amount to save on ordering it then I will do it.
@krehzeekid the guitar guy in the local shop is an asshole. Once I was in there I told him that I would like to try out a guitar, he took the wrong one down and walked 10 feet over to my chair where I was sitting, and when I awared him of his mistake he told me "Jesus Christ I have customers." I would purchase it elsewhere if it wasn't the only decent music shop in the area.