Wondering how the Mark IV compares to the Mark V combos? Also does anyone have any input on the Express 5:25 1x12 combo. Does the Mark IV has as much gain as the Mark V.
The Express does not compare to the Mark IV or the Mark V. The Express is one of Mesa's budget amps, whereas the Marks are among their flagship range.

From what I've heard, the Mark V has better mid gain than the IV, but slightly worse high gain. They both have great cleans.

It would be a good idea to listen to a lot of clips of both amps, or even better, play through them both yourself. There's a LOT of different sounds that can be had from these amps.
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The express sound like garbage to me (I don't like mesa's in general so I'm a bit biased). The Mark V is ok for heavier stuff but I'd make other choices for any other genre of music.