Tossed together a Silent Night Instrumental using an Alvarez Acoustic and some FL Studio 10 Synths etc. C4C of Course

Some Religious pictures in the video of the Nativity Story etc so just be warned they are there but not ment to Preach to anyone.

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It's good, but the drums are really annoying. Either make a full interesting drum beat, or don't use drums at all, sounds annoying.

Sorry for a scarce review, am kind of busy.
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Thanks Daniel, i wasnt going for technical drum patterns i wanted the smallest amount and besides i wrote the drum track in 6/8 in FL Studio and it has to be tricked into doing 6/8 but asoon as you add anything other than the typical "boom-click" pattern it sounds odd sense it wants to sound like its still in 4/4:P

Anyways thanks, and i Loved your Dark Matter track, how'd ya do those visuals?