Hello guys!

Been searching around for a new amp for quite some while now, haven't really been sure about which one to choose though. Found a good deal on a Deliverance 60, for the same price as a 5150/6505 kinda, which seems to be a good deal.

The thing is just that I really don't know which cab and speakers that would compliment the amp. I've heard from people that the matching cab with their own Eminence-speakers is a great match for it. But I can't seem to find any around.

Does anyone own, or know about any good cab, or speaker to go with this amp? I've been thinking about Vintage 30's, but I'm not 100% sure about it.

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i recommend also avatar, vadar, splawn, mesa, orange, whitebox, port city, mills, etc closed back cabs. Vintage 30 are over-rated but they work with damn near everything. Maybe get one Classic Lead 80 or G12K100 too. Splawn Small Blocks, Scumbacs, WGS and Eminence Governer and Man o War as well.