can barely notice it.

just play the damn thing, it's a guitar, not an ornament.
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alright, but if i don't fix it, will it chip further?

That's very unlikely, even on cheap guitars. You'd have to purposefully scratch at it to make it worse. I doubt you'll want to do that.
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All my guitars are of age and have a few dings in them, but they still play and sound really nice Don't worry about it, its fine
I was absolutely devastated when I took a tiny chip out of my RG2228 during a blackout. I scrounged up the paint chips then put them back on with a clear adhesive, which would also protect the wood.

That was my reasoning. If I had the money, I would've gotten it repainted in galaxy white.
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First day I had my Epi Les Paul Custom shop... I'm changing strings and setting it up. I had to get up to get something, so I put the guitar on the stand, put my screwdriver on my table... as I got up, I bumped the table, and the screwdriver fell down on the top of the guitar, made a triangle shaped dent right in the center of the top... Thankfully, the bridge stop was off of it at the time and with the stop in place, it covers it up..

That was a few years ago.. I'd be really lucky if that was the only ding on it, but... it's not...

It happens.. like belt buckle scratches and pick scuffs...
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