I'm sorry if this question is annoying, but im at a loss. I looked up the E Harmonic Minor scale and I am learning it, but i fail to see the patterns to change the Key. How would I know how to play it from C for example without memorizing all of them? God there are way too many holes in my knowledge. Thanks guys.
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Scales just follow patterns of intervals. Do you know your intervals?
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Harmonic minor is not a key.

It's a harmonic device in a minor key. To understand the following you need basic knowledge of the major scale and how it's built and knowledge on intervals and cadences.

It basically means you raise the b7 to a natural 7th in a minor scale/key.

A minor = A, B, C, D, E, F, G
A Harmonic minor = A, B, C, D, E, F, G#

Now if you'd make a progression in A minor you could come up with something like this:

Am - C - Dm - Em - Am

Now this progression is not very strong although it's diatonic to the key of A minor. This is mainly because of the weak cadence of Em - Am (v - i)

You implement the harmonic minor by taking the triad built on the 5th degree (em chord in this case), and make it major (E chord). Even better would be to stack another 3rd to make it an E7 chord (V7 chord).

Em chord = E, G, A
E major chord = E, G#, A
E7 chord = E, G#, A, D

G# = the harmonic minor scale note that is changed.

The progression is now as followed: Am - C - Dm - E7 - Am

Notice the resolution is strong at the E7 - Am. This is an V(7) - i progression.

My example includes a more typical progression which is: Dm - E7 - Am. (vi - V - i)

This you could consider the minor variant of a perfect cadence (V - I respectively) and with the Dm chord preceding it a 2 - 5 - 1 progression commonly found in jazz.

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Ok, I suppose i was looking ahead of myself. God oh why did I take a break from learning music theory Thanks guys. Need to read up.
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