So I found a guy selling neck versions of both of the scn noiseless and vintage noiseless pickups (each for $30). I'm looking for a quick and cheap noiseless option for my Mustang neck, so I figured one of these would do until I can get from Lindy Fralins, but after researching, I haven't found a decent description of the differences between the two other than the magnetss.

My questions: is one more "noiseless" than the other, and at the exchange of what (highs, lows, clarity, distortion)? Which sounds cleaner and which has a hotter output? I'm leaning towards the vintage because of the Alnico V qualities, but I think that the SCN would sound cleaner and crisper... how are these guys balanced in terms of highs/lows/mids?

I'll be putting these into my Mustang (or maybe my strat). I would like a bluesy sound that sounds just as good clean as well as overdriven, playing into a Vox AC15 C1.

As always, thanks and be well
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